Excuse me!

Yesterday afternoon I was sitting in my living room trying to think about what to write for my first ever blog post when I saw the UPS driver pull up and drop a box on our front porch. I figured (rightly) that it was something from amazon.com as we are obsessed with amazon and receive packages from them nearly every day.

I was still sitting, gazing out the window a few minutes later when a nondescript white pick-up truck came to an abrupt stop in front of the house. The driver jumped out, ran to the front porch, snatched the box, and ran back to her car. It all went down in mere seconds.

Shocked, I somehow managed to run outside to confront the assailant. For reasons still unclear, I yelled:

“Excuse me!”

She turned and gave me a strange look. As if she wasn’t expecting to see a middle-aged woman on the front porch in slippers, politely berating her as she sped off.

It wasn’t the Steve Martin version of excuse me either, which would’ve been awesome.